Covid 19

Current Covid 19 restrictions are being changed, by the Government, on a regular basis. To provide a safe and continuous service we have the following in place:

We provide face to face tution that includes;

    • Hand gel for cleaning hands at the start, during and end of each session.

    • Face masks or face guards can be warn by students if they wish. This is a recommendation from January 2022.

    • Teachers can wear a face guard while teaching, if requested

    • social distancing between teacher and students

    • cleaning of the teaching room and resources between sessions.

    • ventilation via an open window when weather allows.

When restrictions do not allow face to face tuition we will provide on-line tuition in its place via Zoom.

We ask students and parents/carers to inform us if they develop symptoms. This is to enable us to get tested and ensure we can reduce the likelyhood of infecting others.

We will inform parents/carers if we develop symtoms.