Tution is offered for 45 weeks per year - school term time. Extra sessions are availble during school holidays and are bookable seperately.

Tuition is paid, in advance, via ebanking.

The first session needs to be paid 48 hours before the session is due to go ahead. This is to enable planning for the session to take place. After the first session all following sessions are paid on a monthly basis. Please see the terms and conditions for more details.

On-line and face to face sessions are the same price. You are paying for the time and planning which is the same for both services.

30 minute lessons are £20 each until 31st December 2022

45 Minute lessons are £30 each until 31st December 2022

60 minute lessons are £38 each until 31st December 2022

If you would like homework provided. £5 per item

Please contact me for prices if you would like to set up a group session for more than one child.

Dyslexia and Dyslcalculia screening costs £125 each. The session takes approximately 90 minutes and a full written report is emailed within 7 days.

Irlen Screening costs £75. If the result is possitive you receive a written report detailing the outcomes of the screening and overlays to use when reading. If the result is negative then a refund of £25 is given. Screening takes appoximatley 60 minutes